Post-Pandemic Kitchen Design

Covid has changed the way we view so many things in our lives, and for some, that includes what they are looking for in their home, and specifically kitchen design. While some trends come and go, these changes in what people are looking for seem here to stay as our lives have shifted. With so many people working from home, kids learning virtually, and families spending more time together, the needs of our homes have shifted. As designers, these changes are welcome, and testing our creativity with what we put into designs.

Not surprisingly, the biggest factor we are putting into our spaces is the need for cleanliness. We are seeing the desire for hands-free. This can range from a hands-free trash can or soap dispenser or even a faucet. The trend is gearing towards cleanliness, towards easy to clean surfaces. We could potentially see this in countertop and cabinet choices, with people leaning towards non-porous surfaces that tend to absorb less bacteria. Open shelving used to be popular and now we are seeing people prefer closed cabinets that can easily be wiped down.

The saying “too many cooks in the kitchen” does not apply in post-pandemic kitchen design. In fact, we are seeing the opposite. With more people being in the home and utilizing the kitchen throughout the day, the desire for multiple sinks and refrigerators is there. People are incorporating smart appliances into their home, as our familiarity with technology has been pushed this past year. Smart lights, refrigerators and even stoves are all helping create a stress-free environment in the home. People are also looking for efficiency. The ability to have waste management in the kitchen. This can be something as simple as built in recycling systems or a food scrap bin built into your counter.

The pandemic has given us a new outlook on what is important in our lives, and in our homes. The need for multipurpose spaces that are more functional, livable, and stress free will forever change the way we view our home and kitchen design.