Every project, regardless of its size can benefit from a professional Designer. There is no such thing as to small a project. There certainly is a relationship between the complexity of a project and the amount of time the Designer will be required to work on the project. Often a smaller project can be designed with a minimum amount of time being required by the Designer, thus gaining the benefit of great design without incurring a prohibitable cost.

Certainly. A brief discussion of the project is a good idea with a member of JH Design International. It gives both the client and JH Design International an idea of whether the project is a good fit for both parties. Should JH Design International and client decide that the project is a good fit the Designer can then discuss the next steps on how to get started.

Generally, when you are at the point that you know you are serious about moving ahead with the design process. It is recommended that the design stage of the project be the very first step. That means that prior to selection of cabinetry, fixtures, appliances or whatever other items that are going to be a part of the project the Designer should be contacted. The designer’s knowledge and experience are invaluable throughout the entire project and often the input of the Designer can save you expense with the many decisions that need to be made.

There is no limit to the type of project that is appropriate for eDesign other than it falls within the general area of remodeling. That can include the remodeling of a kitchen, bathroom, basement or any other special area. In general, JH Design International can work with the client to maximize the function of the space as well as enhancing the beauty of the given space.

The plans are yours for use. Keep in mind however that the plans are NOT architectural drawings. They are design plans that are conceptual in nature showing all of the design elements. The plans are a valuable tool to assist the contractor in visualizing what the finished project will look like. The client or contractor will be responsible in meeting all state and local codes as well as confirming all dimensions.

The best way to get started is to go to the “Getting Started” section of this website. There you will find a brief survey about the project you have in mind. We will then contact you and discuss the project in more detail and see if it is a good fit for everyone.