A Tale of Two Baths

This month I am proud to present to you 2 incredibly special Master baths. As you will see each Master Bath offers a quite different look but at the end of the day the 2 projects had very similar requests that were met. Highland Heights Master Bath This project was an exciting one in which […]

A Tile Revolution

“Tile is Art to Architecture” Did you ever hear the saying, “what goes around comes around”? That is the case with tile today. When I started in the Kitchen & Bath industry in the eighties, tile was all about pattern. Well, here we go again! Clients today are looking for patterns in both the splash […]

Fog-Free Shower Mirrors

There are so many options for today’s shower that help create an “experience” for us upon entering. We have available to us rain-heads, body sprays, steam units, speakers for our music and so much more. But something that gets frequently overlooked is a fog free mirror in the shower. A fog free mirror will allow […]

A Designer’s New Best Friend:

LED Lights I have always been a firm believer in the “Murphy’s Law” theory when it comes to the location of recessed lights in a kitchen & bath remodeling project. Just when you need a can located on center in the most critical of situations then there will always be an obstruction in the way. […]

Webinars: Another Exciting Educational Tool Presented by the Hall Design Group

Throughout the years, I have gathered a collection of educational tools to guide the kitchen & bath consumer through the challenging task of remodeling. These tools have included many seminars, classes, design guides and pricing guides. The Hall Design Group is now proud to present a new and valuable Kitchen& Bath tool to further educate […]

What is the Proper Height for a Bathroom Vanity?

The correct height for a vanity is the one that you are most comfortable with.  In the past 30″ height with the top was the norm. As the years have gone by my clients have asked the cabinets to be raised. We are now at the point where most people prefer 36″ with the top. […]

What Should I Expect From My Kitchen & Bath Designer?

The most critical part of starting a kitchen and bath remodel is finding the right person to guide you through the process from start to finish. I always tell my students and clients that you will end up “marrying” this person for the next several months so make a smart choice when hiring this individual. […]