Bringing Home the Gold!

It is with great honor that I would like to present two Award winning kitchens from the 2020 NARI competition. Each kitchen holds many unique and exciting design features and I am proud to have had a chance to be a part of each one.

The traditional kitchen won 1st place in its category. Is is within a century home located in Hudson, Ohio. This project presented many challenges. These challenges were met head on to create an open, airy flow without compromising any of the homes historic charm. The project included a kitchen, mudroom, family room and bar. We used inset cabinetry along with leaded glass to enhance the existing architecture. One of my favorite parts to the design was creating a Glass paneled wall. When you are standing in the dining room looking towards the back yard, the visual site line is not interrupted due to the placement of the bar.

Turning our direction towards the west side of Cleveland, one can find this stunning modern kitchen located in Strongsville, Ohio. This attractive kitchen won 1st runner up within its category. The minute I completed the design of this space I knew I had a winner. It is so nice when the owner allows me to utilize my creative side and to think outside the box a little. This kitchen is also a direct reflection of their modern home. The cabinets are “Leicht”. Leicht is a German brand of cabinetry out of Stuttgart. Notice how I raised the ovens so as not to have to bend over anymore when cooking. This made for practicality, while also keeping with the integrity of the space.

8 Consideration Points When Designing the Home Office

With our ever-changing world I am getting more and more calls for the home office. The home office can meet many needs for us. Whether we are bringing our business life into the home or are just finding a need for more organization or even a spot for our children’s virtual classroom. Listed below are 8 good consideration points to think about when designing the space. Please contact John at for all your home office renovation needs

1)     Location is Key– You need to find the space that best fits your needs. Should the primary reason be for business, then a quiet out of the way space is best. Should the office be for daily organizational needs, then closer to daily activities may be best.
2)     Allow Enough Space- Depending on the offices use; we need allow ample space for the activities. If there will be meetings then there needs to be a meeting space. Should one require ample amounts of storage such as files then that also needs to be considered.
3)     Select the proper desk system– There are options for the desk system based on your needs. Against the wall and tucked away works best for small casual spaces. A built in desk system maximizes the room space while allowing for a nice size desk. A freestanding center of the room desk is optimal for larger spaces and a more open feel.
4)     Storage and Shelving– Always allow for ample storage. Do not only think of today but your growing needs.
5)     Place to Meet– Are you going to have multiple activities within the space such as business meetings or children doing homework.
6)     Natural View and Light– If at all possible consider having natural light within the space. if not possible then be creative with artificial light.
7)     Control Technology– Makes sure to hide all of the cords and wires. Consider pop up outlets and wire channeling.
8)     Inspire Yourself & Motivate– Bring your personal touch and interests into the space. Whether it is art, photography or even spiritual items

Featured 2020 Trend of The Month

Kitchen Plate Rack and Plate Drawers

With a return from the 1980’s, Plate Racks are making a hot comeback in 2020. Throughout the 90’s and into the new Millennium, the once popular Plate Racks were replaced by polished and closed off kitchen cabinets. We are beginning to see them making a return not only for the functionality they provide to the kitchen, but also as an aesthetic addition. This is such an easy way to provide organization into any kitchen (or even dining room) as there is little style restraint. It works in a modern kitchen all the way to a traditional kitchen. A Plate Rack can serve as an extension to already existing shelves or be placed in a corner to save space. Another popular option is the plate drawer. Forget reaching up into a cabinet to get your dinnerware, we are starting to see cabinet drawers as a popular organizational way to utilize space in the kitchen. Keep your eye out for these trends in kitchens this fall.


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