Counter Top Heating Systems

As we approach winter how nice would it be to have our cold stone counters radiate a luxurious heat wherever your hands and elbows come to rest. The Hall Design Group has applied this application for several years in kitchens and Baths on the floor. We can now take the same application and place it […]

Bringing the Pizzeria into the Home

Over the years The Hall Design Group has designed and installed several custom wood burning pizza ovens into the home. Thanks to General Electric there is no need to do that anymore. General Electric has introduced a unique pizza oven within their Monogram line. This oven will fit right into your cabinetry just as a […]

2019 Color Forecast

Sherwin Williams has recently introduced the 2019 color forecast, and they haven’t disappointed! 42 trend-colors have been arranged into 6 unique color personalities (Shapeshifter, Wanderer, Aficionado, Enthusiast, Naturalist and Raconteur). These exciting colors have been gathered from all ends of the cosmos. Pulled from the high plains and desert all the way thru space and […]

Sous Vide-Cooking’s Big Trend of The Year

Once the choice of top chefs, Sous Vide is increasingly becoming popular for today’s passionate, home cook. With this method of cooking you can produce restaurant quality cooking in your home with the guidance of this French food preservation method. Sous Vide cooking is a method of cooking using precise temperature control to create consistent […]

The People’s Kitchen – August 2018

Project of the Month The Hall Design Group’s project of the month can be referred to as “the people’s choice” kitchen. Given the chance to present what is desired within the kitchen today, this project would be my choice. Clean lines and “eloquence thru simplicity”. The main objective was to remove the wall from the […]

No More Splatters in the Kitchen

Anyone that has ever worked with The Hall Design Group knows that the Delta Brizo series of kitchen faucets has long been a favorite of ours, not only for the various styles offered but also for the ever-important pull down magnetic docking.

A Fresh Take on the Galley Kitchen – May 2018

Featured Kitchen of the Month When working with a client who has a galley kitchen I often get asked “what can I do with my kitchen?, it seems like I am stuck with the same design”. This kitchen is a perfect example of how a simple galley kitchen can be transformed into one that is […]

Knock Knock – Who’s There?

It’s the G6885 SCVi k20 am! Believe me this isn’t a joke! Introducing Miele’s newest in the line of award winning dishwashers, the G6885 SCVi k20 am. Keeping in character with the European minimalistic philosophy, this dishwasher requires only 2 knocks from you to automatically open. This dishwasher also includes features that make Miele the […]

The Beauty of Basements – March 2018

The Beauty of Basements One area within my business that does not get the attention it deserves is basements.  Over the years I have had the opportunity to remodel many basements.  The end result was an area in which the whole family was involved in the decision-making process.  A newly remodeled basement adds so much […]

John with Fox 8 News

John Hall talks Kitchen Trends with Fox 8 News “Today I had the honor of watching my dad talk about two of his passions on Fox 8 News; cooking and kitchen design.  I am constantly amazed by the way the industry is veering away from having a ‘one person kitchen’ as my dad mentions and […]